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About me


My name is Gary MacDougall, I live at 131 Southern Ave and I’m running for District 5 Town Councillor in Weymouth.  

I’ve lived in Weymouth for over 25 years with my wife, Laura Walsh MacDougall, who grew up on 69 Puritan Road in East Weymouth.

All my children have gone through the Weymouth public schools (and the Public Charter School) and I’ve been a part of the Weymouth community for well over 25+ years either coaching, working on political campaigns, ballot questions or trying to raise awareness for various causes to improve Weymouth.

Professionally, I’m a software executive, entrepreneur and business person who’s worked in the software industry my whole career.  “I write code” is what I like to tell people, but I’ve founded a software company in 2000 and sold that company in 2014. So I’m deeply rooted in the entrepreneurial community in the Boston area and part of the “Startup Culture” that’s fueling the huge technology growth in and around Boston.

Currently, I’m employee #2 and CTO for a new startup company called DigsUp in Quincy — we’re working big data with the real estate industry.