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Letter to my neighbors

Dear Weymouth District 5 Neighbor,

I care deeply about Weymouth and our district.  If you’re getting this letter, it’s because you’re a neighbor who cares about Weymouth as much as I do.

My name is Gary MacDougall and I’m running for District 5 Town Council on November 5th.

On October 28th at the Pond Plain Association Candidates forum between myself and 11-year incumbent Ed Harrington, Councilor Harrington told attendees several times how they “couldn’t do anything” about the Billboards and that it was really “out of town council purview”  — even though he voted to approve the Overlay Zoning plan in 2018.    In fact, in response to many issues brought up, he stated the issue was either unfixable or would “hopefully work itself out over time”. These are not the answers I expect from my district councilor.

This lack of due diligence, planning and transparency as well as consistent poor decisions has gotten us these Billboards and it’s impacting Weymouth in major ways.  The choice to increase town revenue by increasing apartments is made at the cost of our quality of life. It increases traffic, puts a drain on town resources and devalues our properties.  The current incumbent has run unopposed 10 of the 11 years he’s served and it’s time for a change. It’s clear that Councilor Harrington has not needed your vote to win and therefore, his best interests have never been about the people in District 5. His voting record has been more aligned with whomever the current administration is and not the residents.    I want to change that: I WILL WORK FOR YOU.  

Under this leadership, and for the past 11 years, Councilor Harrington has:

  • Agreed to massive growth of apartments as a way to “grow revenue”
  • Voted for Tax incentives (TIF) giveaways to developers to help build apartments
  • Lobbied the Mayor to accept the $49M offered by Spectra to approve the compressor station
  • Received campaign donations ($1200) from LStar (Union Point owner) who was fired as master developer
  • Approved the failed “Overlay District” zoning plan – which got us billboards and opened the door for developers to exploit “mixed use” and create more apartments; this hasn’t solved our 40B crisis


Donations: I will never accept donations from a developer or business owner who does direct business with Weymouth.

Transparency: I promise to be someone who will be transparent and bring that to the town council and push hard for other members to be, open, transparent and forthright in all their dealings with our town.

Advocacy: I will always be available to listen and advocate for your concerns to the town council and Mayor’s office.

Responsible Growth: I will work with other councilors to reign in the irresponsible growth, focus on an agenda to solve our revenue issues not just by building more large apartment complexes.

Continued Improvement of our Schools:  Schools are the best investment this town can make that has the best net return on our homes.  We need to focus on making Weymouth a “destination” for young families which in turn makes our town attractive to small businesses.

Please Vote for Change in District 5 on November 5th – Vote for Gary MacDougall!