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What To Expect

Commitment – I will work for our district to ensure our needs are met and I will be committed to improving our lives in the town of Weymouth from every aspect, whether that be a strong advocate for education — or preserving the community appeal and environment.

Availability –  I will always make myself available for you whether you need information or just to hear your concerns.  

Candidness.  This is an elected position, but I’m always going to be candid with my constituents as well as the people I work with in town hall.  I’ll always listen and understand what your needs are and I’ll also tell you directly where my position is and where I’m headed. You’ll always know where I stand — it’s important to me that YOU know what I’m going to do and it’s just as important for me to know what you’d like me to do for you and Weymouth.

Transparency – I’ve been frustrated with the lack of transparency we have in town politics — I will promise to be someone who will be transparent and bring that to the town council and push hard for other members to be, open, transparent and forthright in all their dealings with our town.  

Empathy and Collaboration – It’s important to work with your team members, have empathy for people and be able to collaborate and work together. I promise to do that with the Mayor, every member of the town council, School Committee and most importantly, with the citizens of Weymouth.

Donations – I will never accept donations from a developer or business that does direct business with the town of Weymouth. I believe you cannot be impartial or unbiased if you’re accepting donations of any amount from a party that’s doing business with the town in any manner.